Let’s start a blog!

I’ve had several people lately telling me I should start a blog. I went back and forth in my head about it and then I thought, why the hell not?! I’m living in a whole new state on the opposite end of the country- what better time to start blogging?

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for 5 months now. And I’ve already fallen in love. I’ve already had so many amazing experiences. I still can’t get over the views! Driving to the grocery store and I’m struggling to pay attention to the road because…. ahhhh look at those mountains, those colors…. ahhhh! I even had a great view of the mountains from the bed of my OBGYN’s office. Nothing like that back East!

My goal here is to just document my adventures out West in my new home but also talk about my past travel experiences. August 2019, I was in Switzerland for the 2nd time ever. And hopefully this will turn into an international travel blog! (Putting the intention out there!). Travel is my greatest passion. When I’m not actually traveling, I’m watching documentaries or reading about traveling. I am a travel/history junky. My favorite channels are Smithsonian, Travel Channel, Discovery, things like that. I also own every Rick Steves’ episode. Yup, I’m a travel nerd!

So let’s see where this leads! Where are we going next?

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