Get Out There & ENJOY LIFE!- at Blue Ridge Winery in Saylorsburg, PA

The bride-to-be!

Get ready! We are taking a journey to the Northeast in this post. We’re traveling 2,000 miles across the Heartland of America to a lovely winery in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I’m talking about the 13th best winery in America- Blue Ridge. Snuggled in the rolling green hills and mountains of the picturesque Pocono landscape, Blue Ridge is a true gem! I recently traveled back East to my old stomping grounds and THIS was a spot I HAD to revisit during my stay! When I was living in Pennsylvania, I frequented this place a lot. It was actually the very first stop on my “Dirty 30 Wine Tour Bus Escapade”. Coming back again, it still wows and amazes me!

The wineries of Colorado tend to be on the West side of the Rockies. You really don’t find sweeping wineries and vineyards in Colorado where I live. And, man, have I missed my weekly winery adventures with friends! I met up with a few girl friends at Blue Ridge in celebration of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. We found an awesome spot away from other people in the shade with a FABULOUS view of the grounds! It was prime wine tasting real estate. One of my favorite features of this winery is beyond the grapes (literally)… a large ENJOY LIFE sign in the distance. Now, I have an incredibly special tradition every time I come here to trek across the fields and through the woods to get to this sign. You could say it’s a personal affirmation for me- that no matter how rough the path of life may get; I’m going to enjoy my life and make the most of it! And, yeah, sipping on a bottle of wine along the way definitely helps. Of course, the path to the sign can get a little rocky that a lot of the wine inevitably ends up spilled all over my arms or legs. But whatever! We’re enjoying life, we’re embracing adventure, we’re living life to the fullest! Carpe diem! You’re supposed to get wine all over you, it’s part of the fun.

Something else I am also well known for, and relentlessly teased for, is not always wearing sensible shoes. What footwear did I choose to walk across a field in while stepping over rocks and dodging brush? Wedges! And you know what I learned? Wedges+wine+a naturally clumsy person= major spilling and slipping to fall on your ass! I woke up the next morning with slight pain in my ankle because the previous day I had slipped on plants and fallen. Was it worth it? Absolutely, no regrets! Enjoy life, right? I was very surprised to see we were the only people there who made the journey to the sign, which is a REAL disappointment. You have a huge sign on the horizon that is encouraging you to enjoy life and come visit it and you just sit there? No, life’s too short to not walk across a sloping, rocky, overgrown field in order to “enjoy life”. Sure, I got my ankles cut up a little (not excessively!) from all the plants and brush, but it’s part of the journey. You can’t enjoy life fully without getting a little banged up. The reward at the end is worth the falls, the spills, the cuts, the bruises. Hey, that DOES sound like a metaphor for life, doesn’t it!

During my lengthy visit, I did a wine sample and shared multiple bottles of wine with my gals! We also indulged in a lovely cheese and cracker spread. I mean, is that NOT a perfect day or what? Maybe it’s just me but sharing wine and cheese with the best friends ever and admiring a great view is absolutely a perfect day. And the wines here are amazing and delicious. I sampled a wide variety of white to red and dry to sweet wines. This winery has an extensive wine list, a little bit of everything for everyone. So, no matter what your preference, there’s something you’re going to want to take home. The wine is terrific, the views are phenomenal and the vibe is perfection! The staff here is always so great every time I come here, so friendly and welcoming. You can tell they absolutely LOVE working here. The owner is also a genuinely great guy, very upbeat and amiable. He has such a passion for his business which is honestly inspiring to be in the presence of. Honestly, there are a LOT of great wineries in the Poconos and the Lehigh Valley. I recommend so many. I mean, what I really recommend is get a bus and visit them all. 😉 I’ve visited them all so many times in the time I lived out there I can’t even count. As great as Colorado Springs is, I do miss my winery weekends. That is one thing I wish I could experience more of in Colorado. Beer reigns supreme more than wine in Colorado. But I have a confession, I prefer wine over beer 100%. I guess I just have more reason to visit friends and family back East and do our traditional wine tour adventures.

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