The Ballad of Montreux

My doppleganger statue!

At this point in my Swiss adventure, we’ve travelled through the Alps, explored an Olympic city, enjoyed the sunrays of Lugano, Lake Como and Northern Italy and scaled an Alpine village. We’ve gotten a generous taste of German and Italian culture, so now it’s time to get a taste of another culture- French! Much of the Western part of Switzerland has a deep connection with French culture and customs. Welcome to the beautiful city of Montreux, one of the many gorgeous cities in this region. As pretty much every Swiss city encircles a beautiful, glassy lake, Montreux surrounds Lake Geneva and is located in the Vaud Riviera region. Montreux is the Swiss version of the famous French Riviera. Aquamarine water soaking in golden light and a delightful stone and brick walkway taking you all the way around, flowers everywhere! Up, down, side to side- bright colors catch your eye wherever you look. And of course, you can’t forget those brilliant violet mountains framing this perfect landscape. Montreux is just yet another dream world Switzerland provides!

Montreux is world-famous for it’s international Jazz Festival. Montreux is a great center for music. Not just the Annual Jazz Festival, but there is a beautiful concert hall that hosts all different types of musical genres to the public. Montreux is a great place for music AND all the arts! You can tell just walking around the city, that art is appreciated deeply in all its forms here. The street art is everywhere! I especially loved the various and quirky statues throughout the parks and the walkways. From a large statue of a bottle of wine and grapes, to a tribute to Freddie Mercury to a boy on a vertical ladder reaching for the sky… Montreux’s art works transport you through a fantasy world. Montreux seems to have been created by artists- musicians, sculptors, painters and performers. There were several talented street performers along the walkway from dancers, to musicians and even people doing tricks on stilts. Montreux is truly a very entertaining and fun place to visit. It appeals to so many different tastes. If you like modern or abstract art- it’s there! If you prefer classic architecture or music- you’ve got that too! Montreux is a beautiful melody of modern and classical moods coming together in perfect unison and harmony. It’s quite amazing to see an 18th century, classically styled hotel next to a modern, edgy hotel, juxtaposed right next to each other but yet meshing together effortlessly.

When we arrived in Montreux, the first thing I did was take a tranquil stroll along the flower-adorned walkway by the lake. The lake was a little choppy that day, but it just made it shimmer more. The choppiness caught the light even more perfectly. My jaw dropped the whole walk. First of all, the water! Stunning! It felt so good to be close to the lake, and even if at times able to touch it and put my feet in it. There’s something so serene about walking by the water. Many people experience this in a walk on the beach, but I find the lakeside strolls hold a whole different type of energy, a different type of serenity. The lake is more peaceful, quiet and calm so my energy naturally matches the lake’s. Even with a choppiness in the water, it still felt so zen. And then on top of that, you have the mountains and the meticulously planted gardens and flowers to adore throughout the walk. It was a meditative moment.

I enjoyed admiring all the art as well. Not just the artworks and sculptures on display, but all the art from the vendors on the street. The artwork in Montreux was truly international, people from all walks of life and cultures showing their labors of love to all the strollers. So much to take in and appreciate. This was one of the best strolls I’ve taken, it offered me all I could ever desire plus more. Art+flowers+beautiful scenery+dazzling architecture and lovely music filling the warm air= a perfect moment! Several times I just stopped and looked around me, my moment to truly take it all in and enjoy. A moment to match my energy with the energy of this fantastic place. In these moments, I felt zen, I felt joyful, I felt amazed and I felt inspired. Anyone with a poetic or artistic soul will feel enlightened here. I walked miles, I believe. Every footstep was memorable, pleasant and uplifting; every step brought us to a new treasure to admire. I think I could spend all day just walking around Lake Geneva.

We had a lovely dinner at our hotel, we stayed at the Eurotel Montreux. The restaurant was right on the water, literally went out onto the lake. We had a fantastic panoramic view during our meal of Lake Geneva and the mountains! Perfect! Later in the meal, as the sun started to set, the sky just burst with vibrant pastel colors. You couldn’t tell where the water ended and the sky began because the water was a perfect reflection of pastel hues. The water was incredible looking. Not only were the hues so magical and vibrant but there was this gorgeous tint of golden color on the surface, as if the sky were sprinkling golden flecks of sunlight into the lake. It truly appeared as if there was golden glitter in the lake. The water almost seemed like it was painted, it didn’t look real. That sunset view coupled with my fantastic glass of wine… a heaven on earth moment. Great views, wonderful meal and wine… love it!

We didn’t get as much time as we wanted in Montreux. We stayed for a day/night. I absolutely intend to come back to this vivacious city to explore more. There are tons of restaurants and wine bars I want to check out by the lake and there are countless galleries and concert halls I want to explore as well. I also wholeheartedly intend to enjoy the Jazz Festival which typically occurs June to July. That is a MUST for me, as I really enjoy jazz music! Montreux… I will absolutely come back, and I intend to give you more of my time, my energy and my adoration!

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