National Red Wine Day!- at Uva Wine Bar in CO Springs

August 28th is a very special day… it’s National Red Wine day! Equally as important is August 3rd which is National White Wine Day. Many people have their preference when it comes to wine but I don’t discriminate and I fully embrace both holidays and celebrate both to the max! Any day dedicated to celebrating the beautiful beverage of the gods is a holiday I can get totally on board with. Rose day… let’s do it! Blush Wine Day… let’s make it happen! Sparkling Wine Day, Fruit Wine Day, even Boxed Wine Day, I’m all for it. Frankly let’s have a holiday dedicated to every type of wine and spread it out throughout the year. Given the special holiday, I decided to celebrate by checking out a new spot here in Colorado Springs- Uva Wine Bar in the north end of the Springs, near the Air Force Academy. Not only did I fully embrace and celebrate Red Wine Day but I really fell in love with this place and it has definitely solidified itself as a spot I plan to frequent.

First off, atmosphere. If the atmosphere is off in a place then I’m not going to come back. Vibe and atmosphere are key for me in deciding which places make it onto my regular rotation. This place had a wonderful energy. Very classy yet also laid back. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. Even with their masks on you could feel their smiles underneath and they were super accomodating. The place is designed very tastefully. The layout is very inviting and I felt very comfortable. They also have those “garage doors” on the side that open up the space for an indoor/outdoor mix. Love that! The place felt high-end but at the same time chill and down-to-earth, which is a perfect fit.

Their wine selection is incredible. Wide variety and huge selection! Lots of options for whatever your taste which I love. They also have small plates to pair with your wine. This may seem like a small thing but it’s a big deal for me, with their small plate options they had suggestions of wine pairings to go with that particular food item. I really love that. It shows a place really understands and is passionate about wine. It is a great guide to deciding the best food and wine combinations. Either you choose your wine based off the food you want or you can pick your food based off the wine. That really creates a wine adventure and journey for the taste buds. I really enjoy food and wine pairings, it’s incredible how certain foods really bring out the flavors in a wine and vice versa. They play together perfectly. Get the right pairing… culinary excellence and tasteful harmony. Get the wrong pairing and your mouth is just filled with clashing flavors- nope. This is the kind of place to explore new types of wines from all corners of the world. Because they have it all!

I highly recommend you try 1 or 2 of the wine flights. They are perfectly paired and “themed” with Old World and New World coming together masterfully. Some of the wine flight options that drew me in were:

New World Whites:
Sauvignon Blanc from CA
Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
Chardonnay from CA
Old World Whites:
Pinot Grigio from Italy
Chardonnay from France
Albarino from Spain
Interesting Whites:
Riesling from Germany
Vinho Verde from Portugal
Vermentino from Tuscany
Rose All Day:
Roses from France, Portugal and Austria
California Dreaming
Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
Tour de France
French Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a Red Blend
Smooth Sailing
Pinot Noirs from Oregon and France
Spanish wine from Utiel-Requerna region
Strong & Bold Reds
Colorado Red
Malbec from Argentina
Cabernet Sauvignon from CA
Old World Gems
Pinot Noir from France
Blend from France
Spanish wine (Utiel-Requerna)

I did 2 of the flights. One red and one white. Yes, I know it was Red Wine Day but I still had to try SOME white wines since it was my first visit there! I accompanied my flights with a classic cheese and meat plate with bread. Lots of fantastic cheese options! For my first flight I chose the Strong & Bold Reds and they were fantastic! (And yes I did the red before the white but that was a last minute decision to try a white wine flight otherwise I would’ve started with the white wine). And I chose the Interesting Whites as my second, I chose this one because I am not familiar with Portuguese wines and wanted to try that for the first time, nor am I familiar with Vermentino wine; I know I enjoy any German white wine already. All the white wines were exactly what I want in a white wine, crisp and refreshing, light. Easy sips and every sip super enjoyable. My wine adventure here took me all over the world and it was a trip to remember! I will absolutely, definitely be coming back because I have so many more flights and individual wines to try, so many new places to visit with my taste buds! Very excited to try them all 🙂

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