Love Your-Selfie- at Denver Selfie Museum ;)

The whole selfie fad has often eluded me. While other girls can easily take a flawless selfie in the mirror or in their car with perfect lighting and look like a muse, I end up with my eyes closed in over half of my photo attempts, awkward poses, you name it! I’m not the most photogenic person. Sure, I’ve had some good pics of me, but it takes a LOT of tries to get there. I suck mostly when I’m posing and trying to look good, it always comes out the worst when I try! I’ve learned to embrace the awkward me in photos, it is what it is. But what if there was a place where taking awkward, goofy and fun photos was the goal? A quirky, colorful Wonderland and playground in Denver- the Selfie Museum. A place where I could fully express my playful, clumsy, fun-loving self through colorful and magical backdrops and eccentric props.

The premise of the Selfie Museum is there are several mini scenes and backdrops with all types of fun and creative themes where you and your friends or family can take silly and fun pictures (doesn’t need to be a selfie at all!). It’s a fun way to express your personality and to let your inhibitions go and be GOOFY! Make weird faces, hit strange poses, laugh, have FUN! And we had a total blast! Every backdrop was like a fun improv set. I enjoyed walking into the next room, the next scene and figuring out what I wanted to do. There are so many options and ways to get creative. I found my mind overflowing with ideas. The idea is how fun can you make it, how can I use this scene and these props to express who I am?

Now, there were quite a few Instagram Influencers present at the museum. Many came with professional photographers. Some came with a posse, people I’m not even sure why they were there to help with the shoot. But the tone of these photo shoots was serious, it was business. To me, this isn’t why you come here. You come to places like this to not take life or yourself seriously. You come to places like this to be weird, laugh your ass off and have a blast. It shouldn’t be business. It’s a playground, have fun with it.

Now for the grand tour… When you first walk in, the first photo op is a pair of pink angel wings on the wall, you can pose as an angel, a bird, whatever you want! There are also black and white wings set in other areas you can use. Then the first room has 3 different scenes. One has a food theme. There is a bamboo backdrop and huge chopsticks (the size of a preteen) and they have pillows that look like sushi (there are pillows that look like a chicken wing, a baguette and some other food items as well). I attempted (and totally failed) to try to take a photo of me picking up the sushi pillow with these gigantic chopsticks. We didn’t get a decent photo, but we laughed until we couldn’t breathe trying. Those chop sticks were waaaay heavier than I though. Great first try! The next set in the room was a bunch of bright yellow smiley faces, a basic and simple backdrop. Then there is one where you really have to get the creative juices flowing. The scene is sideways. It’s a bed propped up vertically on the wall and slippers, spilled coffee also on the wall. If you take your picture vertically you can make it look like your jumping into the bed, falling out of bed or sleeping- endless options. I tried to make it look like I was falling out of bed (as I was wearing a dress, the camera did get a nice shot of my Spanx).

Then we hit up the Donut wall. Self-explanatory there are large, yummy donuts on the wall and you also have big donut pillows to play with. Cute! In the corner there is a bright cobalt wall with the phrase “Fudge Your Bad Vibes” on it, complete with a punching bag and boxing gloves. I had a lot of fun with this one. Me in my dress and heels kicking that punching bag, it was total class. I never felt like such a lady! What chick can kick up her dress in heels and look fabulous doing it? This awkward, classy lady. Right next to that there is a bright yellow wall covered in gumball machines with matching yellow gumballs inside. Yup, not what you would expect. But it was peculiar in the best way. Just go with it! For a little more classic of a photo, they have a nice green sofa with the phrase “I Can’t Control My Selfie” behind it. I had fun sprawling out on that couch taking photos. I did get some stares from the IG professionals but whatever, I was enjoying myself. Across from the sofa is a wall that I can only describe as a mirror to my soul. It’s a bunch of cassette tapes spray painted with the most vibrant and joyful colors and some smiley faces in there. It was like a Lisa Frank wall and I loved it, it spoke to me. The fun colors swirling just resonated with me. I will always prefer vibrant, bright colors to neutrals and pale tones.

There is a tiny room behind this “Lisa Frank” wall. It’s dark and has a bunch of glowing balls and cubes in it and the room is covered in mirrors. So, you can see yourself at every angle imaginable. It had very Saturday Night Fever vibes! After doing my best John Travolta impression in the disco room we headed to a small room that had two sets in there, a flower wall and the awesome banana swing. The flower wall is a lush explosion of cream and pale pink flowers. As I was wearing a cream and light pink metallic jacquard dress, I blended in with the wall. The wall and my dress were kindred spirits. I WAS part of the wall, which was fun in itself, like a floral camouflage! The banana swing was another one of my favorites. An emerald green wall covered with bananas (plastic ones!) and a swing in the center. Does it make sense? Absolutely not, but that’s part of the wonder and fun of it all! It’s meant to be like Alice in Wonderful, off-the-wall fun! I felt like my inner child came out in these pics. A photo where your laughing is always perfect.

Next up, a very, very pink room. I’m talking Pepto Bismol pink! There is a large vanity mirror on a pink desk and chair. The room is monochromatic Elle Woods Legally Blonde pink fun. Next door to that is a big bathtub filled with white balls meant to represent bubbles and a big rubber ducky! I almost died trying to get into this tub. It was a struggling trying not to slip and fall on the “bubbles” and break something, it was quite hilarious because there are pics of me actually falling into the tub and falling trying to get out. I really enjoyed this scene because it was just hilarious showing the world how clumsy I truly am. Here I am in a beautiful summer dress with very 1960s vibes and a summer hat and heels and I’m falling all over the place and struggling to stand up- comic gold! The last set we played with is a washing machine, yes, a washing machine, and it comes with a microphone. Because of course! There were even fruit pillows curiously enough to go with if you wanted. For this backdrop I channeled my inner Celine Dion. Belting out “All by Myself” (silently in my head, nobody should be subjected to my singing) on top of a washing machine. What more could you want?! I always wanted to be belt out a tune on a washing machine at the laundromat! The final set we explored is a alrge black and white drawing with 2 large purple and yellow crayons as props. I really let loose with these props using them as guns, batons, weights, a cane, who cares if people can see? Hey, I’m playing here!

We took a lot of great photos this day. What I loved about every picture was that every expression on our faces was pure joy and fun, we were enjoying ourselves and embracing our awkwardness. The best photos are the ones where you’re laughing, glowing and joyful. It shows in a picture when someone is genuinely happy and enjoying themselves. I loved seeing the pure joy in our pictures! Every photo was spontaneous, and they came out better than any posed photo. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe, we used our creative right-side brains, we got to show the world how weird we could be! I absolutely recommend this place for a quick 1-hour visit. It’s a great place to get together with friends and family and have fun taking zany, wild pictures together that you’ll cherish forever! Embrace the awkward and love your-selfie!

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