Egg-cellence in Breakfast Cuisine- at Urban Egg Downtown CO Springs

I don’t think I’m coming up against a lot of resistance when I make the statement that breakfast food is the greatest comfort food on the planet. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; breakfast food is always a good idea. It isn’t just reserved for 7am to 11am, breakfast food is a fantastic option any time of day. 2 pm and you want pancakes? Go for it! 8 pm and you want French toast with bacon, save me some! Midnight? Why not have some waffles! Bottom line is breakfast food is great no matter when it is enjoyed. For me, personally, I can’t eat a full meal until 10:30 which makes me a huge advocate for eating breakfast food whenever the heck you want! That being said, I can be quite picky with my breakfast foods. French toast is the toughest for me, I LOVE it but am very particular on how it is prepared and which bread is used, it’s gotta be the right combination of crunch and soft. French toast can either be the greatest thing since sliced bread (get it, because it’s bread?) or when done incorrectly can be a whole lotta nope. Same with pancakes, they gotta be fluffy and melt in my mouth or no dice for me. And when it comes to eggs and bacon, I can’t do runny eggs (I have a weird texture thing with foods) and the bacon has GOT to be super crispy (I want burnt edges). That bacon better snap on that first bite. I love that sound! See, I’m picky with my breakfast food and I admit it. But that’s only because I love it so much that to not have it done right is like sacrilege for a breakfast food devotee like myself. Please, don’t mess up one of the greatest food groups ever created!

I’ve had 3 recommendations for local breakfast joints in the Springs to visit from friends and coworkers. I visited one of them and plan on visiting the other 2 as soon as possible. For this post, I visited the Downtown location for Urban Egg. There are several locations to visit so if one’s too crowded you can move on to the next closest location. But personally, I love the downtown location because, well, I love Downtown Colorado Springs and it’s close to where I live. It’s got such a positive vibe downtown. It’s got that small town, quaint, down-to-earth feel at the heart of it, a very Hallmark charm. And the street art, statues and floral arrangement throughout are beautiful. Downtown is lovely and the brick buildings are elegant and timeless. We tried to get there at an odd time, between the breakfast and lunch crowd, we got there at 10:30. There was still a 45-minute wait, though. I am a total sucker for aesthetics, and I have to say, the fact the front entrance was purple made me even more excited to come in and dine! While we waited, we picked up coffees at The Perk which is only a few restaurants over. Also, a super lovable joint with a pleasant vibe, the staff was uber friendly too. It’s a great coffee spot to hit up and hang out. After that we walked around downtown a bit. I got some pics of the various street art throughout. I love how Downtown Colorado Springs, actually the Springs in general, really celebrates and embraces its history and heritage, I love when cities choose to stick with the aesthetic of honoring and preserving its culture and history over going too modern. It gives it more warmth and personality to a place. I just don’t feel the wonder, charm, warmth and upbeat energy in modern architecture, but that’s just me, I find it too stark and cold for my taste. Like I said, though, just my opinion; if you love modern architecture then embrace it and screw what I say!

One of my favorite statues was a 19th century couple dancing and the statue spins to really give that illusion they are dancing to a joyful tune and romp, I just loved that. And next to that was a statue of another pioneer couple with a lantern. I don’t know exactly why this statue spoke to me, I think it just made me think of a couple exploring and traveling together, discovering new things together and for me that’s something that resonates with me as this point in my life. I also hope to find the right partner for me to enjoy the adventure of life with, to explore and discover with, to travel all over with and to create wonderful moments with. Maybe that’s getting too much from a historical statue meant to commemorate the pioneer spirit but it’s art, you take from it what you take. I also admired a beautiful silver statue of a buck with vines in his antlers, it was just whimsical and fun for me and made me chuckle. Not to mention they had a bunch of Humpedy Dumpedy’s sitting on the walls which was perfect for our downtown breakfast adventure! Caricature eggs near a breakfast place, how fun! Overall the ambiance and scenery was heart-warming and made my heart smile. Downtown was so clean, the sun was so bright, sky so blue, mountains so majestic and the architecture and artistic displays were fun and pleasing. What a perfect day to take in, embrace and enjoy. Finally my phone buzzes, table is ready!

The menu at Urban Egg was super extensive. Thank goodness this place is only 10 minutes from where I live, I’ll have to visit multiple times in order to try everything! Breakfast sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, French toast… I’ve gotta have it all! And not to mention the breakfast beverages with a kick, I’m always up for a mimosa or 5! For my drink I got the Maui Waui, apparently a staff favorite. Delicious! Pineapple vodka, fresh orange juice and prosecco- that counts as a fruit serving, right? For my meal I really struggled with what to get, everything looked so good. So I got the pancake meal called Peace, Love and Pancakes. You get to choose 3 of their pancake options for your plate. I chose the Strawberry cheesecake pancake, the Hawaiian pancake and the traditional buttermilk pancake. I also got a side of eggs and bacon. Yes, that is a LOT of food. I had wanted to also get a piece of French toast but I knew that’d be too much so I changed my order to save the French toast for another day! I did eat everything I got, though, no worries! No pancake, egg or piece of bacon was neglected. The strawberry cheesecake pancake was sublime! Absolutely loved it! That was my favorite. What I loved also with both the strawberry cheesecake and Hawaiian pancakes was the fruit was in the pancake, not just put on top. I love that! The issue I have with putting it on top is it falls off! Absolute perfection here. Now moving on down the plate. The Hawaiian pancake had the perfect sweetness with some tartness. Pineapple can be tricky but it was great and ripe. They do put coconut on top, which I typically am not a fan of coconut, but this added a great marriage of flavors and a crunch I enjoyed- I was happy with it and devoured the whole thing. Next, the basic buttermilk pancake, sooo good! Just a simple buttermilk pancake made right with maple syrup. It’s simple, basic but a classic for a reason- it’s just damn delicious! I got my eggs scrambled and they were fluffy which I love and not burdened with too much salt which is a common mistake. The bacon was the perfect crispness as well. They cooked the bacon exactly as I like it. That bacon snapped in my mouth, yes! I give this meal 5 out of 5 stars for breakfast food. Needless to say, I am sooo looking forward to coming back and trying the whole menu!

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