Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole- at The Rabbit Hole, Downtown CO Springs

One thing I absolutely love, a good speakeasy. I’ve always been an old soul, seemingly meant to be born in another time. I’m a sentimentalist, an historian, a dreamer. Being in a speakeasy transports me back to a better time, to the roarin’ 1920s, a time period I happen to adore! I imagine myself drinking an absinthe-laced drink with F. Scott Fitzgerald and wild Zelda. I always do the Gatsby glass raise every time I am at a speakeasy. I absolutely kill it in a flapper dress! Being in a speakeasy, just makes me feel truly myself. It sounds strange but when I’m in a place that is historical or has an old-timey vibe, I actually feel more myself and more comfortable. I was born in the wrong time, I suppose. Anytime I’m tied to history I feel more… me. How strange! How odd! I always feel out-of-place amongst modernity- the technology, the architecture, the art even… none of it inspires me or lights up my heart. History, that’s what light me up. A historical building, classic art, an old town, a speakeasy… that’s what makes me feel most inspired. I guess I’m an 80-year-old in a (almost) 31-year-old body. I love classical music and jazz, I love old movies, I adore the silver screen movie stars of the first half of the 19th century, I absolutely am in love with vintage fashion and style. I’m an old soul- tried and true 🙂

I’m always up for a dress-up night. I know it sounds strange to many people but I LOVE dressing up. Always have been that way ever since I was a little girl. I absolutely have a bougie side, no doubt. I enjoy the fine things in life- art, dining, drinks, ambiance, fashion. I’d much rather peruse an art gallery or museum than attend the typical places my peers like to go. When it comes to bars I prefer the dimly lit classy places, like a speakeasy. I just feel more me in that type of setting than the typical Millennial hangouts. I’ll take a fine wine over a beer any day.

Ok, I’m blabbering, I apologize. Anyway… I discovered this joint called The Rabbit Hole in Downtown Co Springs. It was recommended to me by some colleagues who know I have a fondness for dressing up and going to classy joints. The first thing I was told is the drinks are fabulous and strong. I mean, you had me at classy joint with a dimly lit ambiance but add awesome drinks into the equation.. I’m so in!

I went for an early birthday celebration. As I will be out of town for my actual birthday swiftly approaching I wanted to celebrate with my friends out here. I went with the very subtle sequins dress (kidding, I am aware it isn’t subtle at all). Because why not? Life is too short and precious to not do it up and enjoy! As F. Scott Fitzgerald quoted, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” I totally agree, Scotty! Wear the fun dress, a speakeasy is meant to carry a fun, classy and sassy vibe so this dress just matched the tone of the night.

The entrance is awe-inducing in my opinion. It appears to be a subway entrance almost. But it the walls are lined with bright white lights and there is a fantastic chandelier. O yeah, this place is classy and my heart is singing! You go downstairs and the feel is great! As they are going with an Alice-in-Wonderland theme (you may have guessed this) they have art inspired by the characters. The Alice references are subtle so it’s not overpowering, in our face Alice in Wonderland. It’s more subdued which I liked. It’s less like a Disney attraction and more refined Alice. Candlelit ambiance, on the quiet side, this would be a great spot for a romantic evening. But it’s also perfect for a special occassion, like a birthday!

I got 3 drinks that night. My first was the Purple Drank, a little bit of purple and a little bit of drank. That’s the explanation for it. I’m not exactly sure what was in it but definitely no gin or tequila. One sip and my head got that amazing warm, happy feeling. Ah yeah, I’m feeling it. I love a good drink that instantly puts me in a happy place. My second drink, I went with a champagne cocktail called the Duchess- very Gatsby-esque vibes. I’m so embarrassing I started imitating Leo and Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby. But not Daisy, she was the worst. The final drink was a black raspberry mojito, you know gotta bring it down a bit. I’m not driving so who cares?! For my meal I got pork belly tacos, o my! The pineapple salsa on it with the pork- hell yes! For dessert I got the cheesecake topped with an elderberry (apparently a thing) and honey drizzled on top. So divine! And o so rich!

Our waitress was fantastic because on my first drink she attached a candle with some type of Swedish fish for a wish. I jokingly said I have 4 wishes and need ot pick one. So for my cheesecake she came out with 4 candles so I could make all the wishes I wanted to make and not have to choose between. I’m genuinely superstitious when it comes to, well, everything. And I totally believe birthday wishes count extra. It was a great gesture.

Overall it was a boffo night! It was a perfect way to celebrate. I recommend this place for any special event but in all honesty anytime is a good time to grab drinks here. The vibe is mellow and chill while also whimsical. The drinks and food are outstanding. The service is wonderful. I give it a 5 out of 5 star rating. Definitely adding to my go-to list 🙂

One thought on “Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole- at The Rabbit Hole, Downtown CO Springs

  1. Happy Birthday Amanda…..Please resend me the email about autism. I had trouble posting my donation. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog on the speakeasy. You are an amazing writer.
    Love and hugs..Aunt Cathy


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