Golden Glow in the Gardens! -Denver Botanic Gardens

I NEED to point out the super awkward fact that my left knee resembles the face of some type of baby Muppet.. A photo of me I ACTUALLY like and my knee is a baby face… HAHAHA!!

So far this year, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Denver Botanic Gardens to check out their spring and summer blooms. All gorgeous, all vibrant! Heaven on earth! NOW, it’s time to check out the fall foliage and bloom there, to see what autumn has to offer at the Gardens. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get tickets for their nighttime Halloween light spectacular called GLOW! In the Gardens because they sold out so quickly. But no worries, next year hopefully I can visit and see the awesome light spectacle. But there’s no reason we can’t check it out during the day. Still beautiful! Still festive! What a joy to watch the change of seasons in such a beautiful, nationally ranked and high-esteemed public garden.

I love autumn! I just want to throw that out. Yes, as a Libra I have a special affinity to the season as an autumn child but besides that I absolutely love it. And not in that basic way everyone jokes about. I do not like pumpkin spice and I don’t own a lot of plaid or flannel. I love and celebrate fall in my own way, by the way apple cider is FAR superior and IS the drink of autumn in my opinion. Mostly it’s the color palette and energy of autumn that really livens my spirits. The colors just make my heart sing. The colors are so much richer, more luxurious and warmer to me than in spring and summer. Yes, spring and summer is bright and vibrant and gorgeous, and I love the colors of those seasons. But the golden glow of autumn can’t be beat in my opinion. It’s a warmth beyond the temperature and bright sun, it’s a warmth of the soul for me. The deep reds and marigold yellows are so rich and lush and then you have the bright oranges that really pop. And don’t forget the deep, vivid purples and burgundies. I tend to love the warm tones best so of course autumn is my favorite. The colors of autumn just seem deeper and give off an energy of abundance to perfectly coincide with the harvest. Harvest season is a magnificent time of year filled with gratitude, abundance and tranquility and that’s what I feel the season of autumn carries with it throughout. It’s a time of simple beauty and elegance, the elegance found in a single leaf transforming to the most spectacular color. When I think of fall it makes my heart feel like it’s wrapped up in a cozy sweater, warm and serene. I find it to be the most peaceful time of year. And peace is something I definitely crave and thrive in.

Throughout the gardens they had some of their GLOW! Displays (just in daytime form) all set up to enjoy. Awesome pumpkin carvings and displays throughout as well as some goofy skeletons in pool floaties with margarita cups floating down the stream. They also build an adorable pumpkin fairy garden, a little village for the fairies with quaint cottages made of various pumpkins and gourds- fabulous and so creative! They also had some menacing ghostly figures in the fields that at first glance make your heart stop because they seem so real. We were waiting for them to lunge at us any moment. The fall foliage throughout was divine and the colors were perfection- rich and glowing. There were still flowers thriving, mostly marigolds which are one of my favorites for sure. In all honesty some of the flowers were more gorgeous in their autumn state than summer. That may sound strange but hear me out! We had just been here in August for the summer bloom and we got to see the transformation of flowers from full bloom in summer to restful autumn. What once had been bright and robust in summer was now slowly going back to its autumn slumber. As odd as it sounds, there is a great beauty in seeing the flowers start to go to sleep (I don’t see them as dying) for the fall. I always found beauty in an abandoned building or a tree without leaves. It’s a different kind of beauty that not many appreciate. You have to be one of those people who really can see the beauty in all things including the quiet, less lively aspects of the world. Like the beauty of an old lady’s hands all wrinkled yet strong and welcoming, I see the beauty in the flowers slipping off into their winter slumber. To some they look dead but I see it as they are going to rest, to rejuvenate and come back more beautiful next year than ever before. It’s the beauty of nature and the cycle of life. The golden age of the flower, just like for a human, can be the most beautiful and peaceful season of life. Fall is absolutely the most serene time of year to me which carries a unique beauty that not everyone can appreciate. The beauty of life going through its cycles and strengthening. For humans, times of rest and recharge are key to a blissful, peaceful life, so it is for the flowers too. Fall is the blissful time of rest and reflection for flora and fauna, as well as people I think. An unpretentious, calm, blissful and effortless type of beauty- true beauty that lies beneath the surface in a modest way in the calm and quiet moments of life. If I were to give seasons personalities, spring and summer seem more outgoing, flashy, extroverted, youthful and exaggerated to me compared to the introverted, wise, mature, calm and humble autumn. As an old soul, it makes sense for me envision autumn in such a way and to feel connected to the season so much, seems my soul is constantly living in its golden season. My heart and soul seem to vibe with the season naturally I suppose. I probably see more and am feeling more into autumn than most, but I guess that happens when you’re the type who tends to feel and vibe with things on a deeper level.

I am not going to do what I have done before in my previous posts about the Gardens and describe each garden. I visited them all and each one was like an autumnal dream world. One big difference that made the autumn spread different than the spring and summer is that while spring and summer I found myself looking at and enjoying the tiny details of each flower, in the autumn I found myself just enjoying the entire scene and taking it all in at once. I was the tiny detail in this broad spectrum of deep reds and purples, vibrant oranges and marigolds. The scene was greater than me and my focus was more on the full scope and picture, the entire environment rather than a single detail. It was more of a setting where you just sit back and enjoy, observe, and feel completely present rather than wanting to observe every small detail. It was more serene and tranquil this time of year. I felt more at one with the scene rather than an observer. We just strolled around for hours walking through several of the gardens multiple times just talking about life. The sun was dazzling! I loved how even though it was cool in the mid-60s it felt so warm within the stream of the sunshine. What more can you ask for?!

Now, I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. I recommend visiting the Gardens every time of year and really noticing and enjoying the changes through the seasons. Every season there made my heart sing and soul and spirit feel light and cheerful, you really cannot go wrong no matter which season you choose. Each season has something wonderful to bless us with, every season is beautiful and wondrous in its own unique way. The Gardens doesn’t disappoint, and I cannot wait to see the Christmas light show during the holiday season soon! And since NOW I have an annual membership to the Gardens, I fully intend to make the most of seasonal visits and ot make many of them multiple times throughout each season! This is a magical place for sure. J

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