About the Awkward Traveler

Colorado Dreamin’

Born and raised in the Northeast, I’ve always been drawn to the West. After I turned 30 years old in October 2019, I made the bold (and crazy) decision to just move out to Colorado, following a longtime dream of mine. Now here I am! My life didn’t suck back East, I had a great job, great friends and a good life on the East coast, but I never aligned with my environment. I only felt truly at home when I visited Colorado and the Southwest. It was clear… my heart was not where I was but was in the mountains! As a very intuitive, spiritual person- I gotta follow where my soul tells me to go! Normally, I am a super-planner, a real Type A personality! But this was one of the rare, beautiful moments where I just went for it. My energy, heart and soul was always here, in Colorado, so screw it, let’s go! Embrace life! This was a huge risk, but I’m all in! My soul is happy here!

I’m a born traveler, it runs in my family. My heart and soul is happiest when I’m traveling and visiting a new place. My favorite trips (so far!) have been Switzerland (I’ve visited twice, Lucerne is my favorite city in the world!), London, Bavaria, Death Valley and Scotland. I love traveling the U.S. and seeing the differences in all the regions/states geographically, culturally, architecturally, etc. It shows how diverse we truly are, and I love that! I absolutely love traveling Europe. As a history major (and MAJOR history nerd) I love visiting places that connect us to the “Old World”. I love immersing myself in different cultures. Yes, I am that annoying person you travel with who wants to visit all the museums! Yes, I am that person who watches history and travel documentaries for fun and blurts out random facts as we explore a European city. Yes, I am that person who is actually paying attention during the guided tour. Yes, I am admiring the architecture and tearing up a little. History and culture is what I love about traveling. It connects me to another time, another culture and different types of people. My ethos is that travel makes us better, more well-rounded people. It helps us to become more open-minded and accepting of others. If people traveled more and immersed themselves in other cultures, we’d have a better, more accepting world I think. We would respect the differences and appreciate the similarities. Every culture has something beautiful to contribute to the amazing world we live in! So I encourage EVERYONE to travel, throughout their own country as well as other countries! We have a beautiful world filled with amazing people, gorgeous art, great food, beautiful architecture, interesting cultures, wonderful languages and lots of point of views. Explore as many as you can!

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