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What a Way to Begin 31!

I’ve always believed things happen in 3s (or in multiples). Good or rough, events like to stack onto each other for whatever reason. When those 3 things are positive things it’s the best, you’re the luckiest person alive! Yet, there can be that little bit of worry because from life experience SOMETIMES 3 good thingsContinue reading “What a Way to Begin 31!”

Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole- at The Rabbit Hole, Downtown CO Springs

One thing I absolutely love, a good speakeasy. I’ve always been an old soul, seemingly meant to be born in another time. I’m a sentimentalist, an historian, a dreamer. Being in a speakeasy transports me back to a better time, to the roarin’ 1920s, a time period I happen to adore! I imagine myself drinkingContinue reading “Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole- at The Rabbit Hole, Downtown CO Springs”

National Red Wine Day!- at Uva Wine Bar in CO Springs

August 28th is a very special day… it’s National Red Wine day! Equally as important is August 3rd which is National White Wine Day. Many people have their preference when it comes to wine but I don’t discriminate and I fully embrace both holidays and celebrate both to the max! Any day dedicated to celebratingContinue reading “National Red Wine Day!- at Uva Wine Bar in CO Springs”

The Ballad of Montreux

At this point in my Swiss adventure, we’ve travelled through the Alps, explored an Olympic city, enjoyed the sunrays of Lugano, Lake Como and Northern Italy and scaled an Alpine village. We’ve gotten a generous taste of German and Italian culture, so now it’s time to get a taste of another culture- French! Much ofContinue reading “The Ballad of Montreux”


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