Egg-cellence in Breakfast Cuisine- at Urban Egg Downtown CO Springs

I don’t think I’m coming up against a lot of resistance when I make the statement that breakfast food is the greatest comfort food on the planet. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; breakfast food is always a good idea. It isn’t just reserved for 7am to 11am, breakfast food is aContinue reading “Egg-cellence in Breakfast Cuisine- at Urban Egg Downtown CO Springs”

Love Your-Selfie- at Denver Selfie Museum ;)

The whole selfie fad has often eluded me. While other girls can easily take a flawless selfie in the mirror or in their car with perfect lighting and look like a muse, I end up with my eyes closed in over half of my photo attempts, awkward poses, you name it! I’m not the mostContinue reading “Love Your-Selfie- at Denver Selfie Museum ;)”

Denver Botanic Gardens- Joy in Bloom!

I’m going to just let the photos speak for themselves here… this is the Summer Bloom at Denver Botanic Gardens! My last post was the Spring Bloom. As you can see, the colors are more vibrant. The pops or purple and orange and pinks juxtaposed is the perfect color scheme! My heart was was joyfulContinue reading “Denver Botanic Gardens- Joy in Bloom!”

National Red Wine Day!- at Uva Wine Bar in CO Springs

August 28th is a very special day… it’s National Red Wine day! Equally as important is August 3rd which is National White Wine Day. Many people have their preference when it comes to wine but I don’t discriminate and I fully embrace both holidays and celebrate both to the max! Any day dedicated to celebratingContinue reading “National Red Wine Day!- at Uva Wine Bar in CO Springs”

Lucerne- a City of Beauty, Bridges and Bliss

I am super excited to talk about the city of Lucerne today. Why? Because it is my absolute favorite city I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting and exploring- anywhere. I’ve visited this city twice and I am so in love with it, I carry it with me in my heart all the time andContinue reading “Lucerne- a City of Beauty, Bridges and Bliss”

Bern, Baby Bern!- in Bern, Switz.

There is something really special about visiting a place where you have roots, a deeper connection, and a special link to the land, the place, the town. Visiting the capital city of Bern, Switzerland was a special experience for me, because of my genealogical ties to the city. I have Bernese ancestry in me. SoContinue reading “Bern, Baby Bern!- in Bern, Switz.”

Yo-de-la-hoo! We’re going to Zermatt!

There is a village in Switzerland high up in the Alps, it’s called Zermatt. You can only get to this town through a cable car and vehicles (except electric and necessary ones) are prohibited. It is remote from the world and that’s what makes it so attractive to anyone trying to unplug, unwind and recharge.ThisContinue reading “Yo-de-la-hoo! We’re going to Zermatt!”

Isola Bella: The Crown Jewel of Lake Maggiore

Paradise is an island. Cut off from the mainland and the rest of the world, paradise can flourish. It is untouched and preserved in perfection. Paradise can maintain its charm, its beauty and its mystery easily on an island. Welcome to Isola Bella! A paradise retreat in the heart of the spectacular Lake Maggiore inContinue reading “Isola Bella: The Crown Jewel of Lake Maggiore”

Lugano, I Adore You! – in Lugano, Switz. & Lake Como, Italy

The Swiss adventure continues! For this delightful post, we are taking a trip to the southeastern corner of Switzerland bordering Italy to visit the adorable Italian-styled town of Lugano and Lake Lugano and we will also be stopping at Lake Como (so we are going across the border into Italy). When we think of Switzerland,Continue reading “Lugano, I Adore You! – in Lugano, Switz. & Lake Como, Italy”