Yo-de-la-hoo! We’re going to Zermatt!

There is a village in Switzerland high up in the Alps, it’s called Zermatt. You can only get to this town through a cable car and vehicles (except electric and necessary ones) are prohibited. It is remote from the world and that’s what makes it so attractive to anyone trying to unplug, unwind and recharge.ThisContinue reading “Yo-de-la-hoo! We’re going to Zermatt!”

Isola Bella: The Crown Jewel of Lake Maggiore

Paradise is an island. Cut off from the mainland and the rest of the world, paradise can flourish. It is untouched and preserved in perfection. Paradise can maintain its charm, its beauty and its mystery easily on an island. Welcome to Isola Bella! A paradise retreat in the heart of the spectacular Lake Maggiore inContinue reading “Isola Bella: The Crown Jewel of Lake Maggiore”

Lugano, I Adore You! – in Lugano, Switz. & Lake Como, Italy

The Swiss adventure continues! For this delightful post, we are taking a trip to the southeastern corner of Switzerland bordering Italy to visit the adorable Italian-styled town of Lugano and Lake Lugano and we will also be stopping at Lake Como (so we are going across the border into Italy). When we think of Switzerland,Continue reading “Lugano, I Adore You! – in Lugano, Switz. & Lake Como, Italy”

Meet Me in St. Moritz (hopefully!)- An Awkward Swiss Adventure

August 7th, 2019. Finally! Today is the day we leave for Switzerland. I’m beyond excited. I’ve had my bags packed for a month at this point (I’m an early packer!). Last time I was in Switzerland was 10 years ago. I’m going to stuff my face with chocolate, cheese and wine! I’m going to marvelContinue reading “Meet Me in St. Moritz (hopefully!)- An Awkward Swiss Adventure”

Switzerland- Utopia on Earth!

I’ve traveled to several countries in Europe over the last 13 years, but my absolute 100% favorite has been SWITZERLAND! I love everything about this country. I do have a special affinity for it, also, because I have Swiss-German heritage in me. So, going there makes me feel connected to my ancestors. But I haveContinue reading “Switzerland- Utopia on Earth!”

A Journey of Gratitude & a Love Letter to My Friends and Family

I’m going to deviate from my normal posts today. I’m going to post something different, something much more personal. In a way, it still has to do with traveling and adventure, and even some awkwardness. I want to talk about my journey the last 6 months living here in Colorado and the journey of self-discovery,Continue reading “A Journey of Gratitude & a Love Letter to My Friends and Family”

Get Out There & ENJOY LIFE!- at Blue Ridge Winery in Saylorsburg, PA

Get ready! We are taking a journey to the Northeast in this post. We’re traveling 2,000 miles across the Heartland of America to a lovely winery in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I’m talking about the 13th best winery in America- Blue Ridge. Snuggled in the rolling green hills and mountains of the picturesque Pocono landscape,Continue reading “Get Out There & ENJOY LIFE!- at Blue Ridge Winery in Saylorsburg, PA”

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Stay off the Trails! – at Garden of the Gods; Scotsman Trail

Oh, those Colorado summers! Those sizzling days over 90 degrees. But is that gonna stop me from enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s glorious labor? Nah! I may be a wimp when it comes to the cold, but I can take the heat (in more ways than one). As long as it’s not soupy humidityContinue reading “If You Can’t Take the Heat, Stay off the Trails! – at Garden of the Gods; Scotsman Trail”